Human Worms In Poop

Mary asks… Can humans get worms from puppies? A week ago I bought a puppy. When I got it home, I realized it had worms. Today, my neighbor (who has worked in a pet store for years) said the puppy has parvo. My son found some puppy poop on the floor and ate some before […]

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How Do You Know If You Have A Parasite

  Ken asks… How Do You Know If You Have A Parasite ? Soo…. yeah… i need alot of info on this, be specific please, show pictures if possible …..? How do you know if you have a parasite, or worm living inside of your intenstines or whatever? Aren’t there other parasites that you can […]

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Otc Meds For Worms

  John asks… Are there any OTC medications available for worms? Okay, so my friend is scared to death right now cause she has worms, but can’t go to the doctor, and is too scared to tell her mom(who’s a deadbeat anyway) and too embarrassed to tell my mom, so blah. i’m stuck with her […]

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Common Parasites In Humans Question

Daniel asks… what percent of humans have parasites? I’m becoming paranoid…I know that we accidentally digest bugs without notice, but what about parasites? Are they common among us? I also remember watching Monsters Inside Me on Animal Planet and heard that a huge number of us have this parasite that infects our brains which sometimes […]

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Full Moon Cleanse Question

Steven asks… Different ways of spending/celebrating New and Full Moon in respect of cleansing, healing & mystical rituals? Experiences with the white magic only, please. The subject of howling at the Moon already covered!..:) Parasites Symptoms answers: An Esbat is a gathering under a full moon to work and celebrate. There are at least twelve […]

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Pinworms Causes

Joseph asks… does eating loads of candies causes pinworms? my family was always telling me that. we call them “bichos” in Spanish. I found out recently of such term in English…pinworms. The symptom of “bichos” is an itchy near the hole..idk. I know…it is a pest. Imma see if I can talk to my […]

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Your Questions About Brain Parasites

Helen asks… Brain parasites? Is it possible for parasites to get past the blood barrier to invade the brain? Parasites Symptoms answers: Cystercicosis is caused by a parasite in water tainted with human feces. It is quite common in Latin America. The parasite forms cysts in the brain that break, causing symptoms similar to a […]

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Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Where to Buy

John asks… Does anyone know where I can find food grade diatomaceous earth in the Atlanta Georgia Area? Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Parasites Symptoms answers: I’m not in Atlanta, but I got a sack at the local feedstore. You can probably look in the yellow pages under “feedstore” and find the one closest to you. […]

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What You Should Know

parasites symptoms and your familyIt is possible that your doctor hesitates to diagnose you with parasites.

Human parasites are not openly discussed and diagnosed - depending on where you live in this world. It is believed that parasitic infections only affects tropical and subtropical areas, but this is simply not true. Parasite eggs are microscopic and are everywhere.

We need to educate ourselves on how to prevent parasitic infection and how simple herbs can "deworm" you and your family. :)

It might be time for a body cleanse !

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